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Project Risk and Change Management



"Project Risk and Change Management"

Based on PMI PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition (2017)

Dr. Alexander N. Pavlov, PhD, PMP, CPM

 Master Class Content



Course duration: 1 day, 8 Contact Hours / PDUs

Course format: open or corporate

Master Class based on PMI (Project Management  Institute) PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition recommendations and includes systematic study of project risk and change management main principles and concepts.

The said competencies prove most valuable from a practical point of view and their high level allows implementing projects more effectively. The course material is aimed at developing specific practical skills and is presented from a project manager’s position, the work of all the project team members being described as well.

Course includes business case exercises and interactive discussions, exchange of professional experience and participant opinions, trainer expert and practical recommendations.



    • Project Definition
    • Project Management Concept
    • Project Success Criterias
    • Project Life Cycle
    • PMI PMBOK® Project Management Knowledge Areas and Process Groups
    • Project Manager Key Competencies:
      • Risk management
      • Change Management

1.  Project Risk Management

    • Fundamental Concepts of Project Risk Management
    • Company Business Goals: Market, Profit, Customer
    • PMI PMBOK® Project Risk Management Processes
    • Project Risk Definition
    • Potential Sources of project risks
    • Contingency and management reserves for managing risks
    • Risk management effectiveness through the project life cycle
    • Risk management planning
    • Project risks identification
    • Method of Company Business Goals decomposition on potential risks zones and symptoms
    • Decision Trees method
    • Expected Monetary Value calculation method
    • Aggressive and conservative plans of risk management
    • Qualitative risks analysis

Business Case.  Practical work in teams.   Project Qualitative risk analysis.

    • Project risks migration
    • Quantitative risks analysis
    • Risk response planning
    • Project risks control

Business Case.  Practical work in teams.   Project risk migration analysis.

    • Recommendations on effective project risks management

2.  Project change management

    • Managing change in a Company
    • Business change types.  Democratic type of change ("bottom up") and directive type of change ("top down")
    • Human mental resistance to change.  Stages of human reaction on change.
    • Phases of change implementation process
    • Barriers in change implementation process
    • Managing change in project scope
    • Integrated project change management

Business Case.  Practical work in teams.   Decision making on project change management.

    • Types of change in project implementation phase
    • External and internal changes to the project
    • Project change management procedure
    • Types of decisions on change management (accept, reject, postpone)
    • Project manager authority on change management
    • Change management escalation procedure
    • Change Control Board functions

Business Case.  Practical work in teams.   Decision making on integrated project change management.

    • Recommendations on effective project change management


Awarding participants certificates with 8 contact hours / PDUs for every day of the course.

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