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Cusomers Feedback




«Excellent! Very interesting, bright, many examples, cases»


Tatiana Fedotova,

BINBANK, Department Head



«Everything was excellent! Pavlov opened for me the whole project management world»


Nikita lesin,

SberBank, Project Manager



«It was very ineresting Master Class with the total engagement of all the participants!»


Tatiana Blagovestnikova,

Iokogava Electric, Specialist



«A very interesting and intensive course.  My score for trainer work is as - 10 ++++++ !!»


Andrey Kolotovchenko,

NLMK, Department Head



«I like this course very much! That is an excellent trainer work indeed!»


Natalia Shevareva, Brothers and Company, HR Director



«Everything was fine, with a certain portion of humor and a very interesting practical recomendations»


Nina Bulgakova,

Sbertech, Project Manager



«This course alowed me to figure out practical exprerience in project management»


Andrey Lvov,

Rostelecom "Moscow" Department,

Deputy Director


«This course is very useful for all the project tream members - for their clear undertanding of project tasks and possible variants of decision making»


Vladislav Solomatin,

Transneft Finance, Deprtment Head



«This Master Class was really gorgeous one! Alecxander Pavlov is high level professional business trainer»


Roman Veremeev,

Vimpelcom (Mocow Region), Leading Project Manager



«Many thanks for personal competencies, knowledge transfer and participsants attention support during this intensive course!  This is one of the best trainings!»


Elena Evdokimova,

FolksWager Group Rus Kaluga, System Analytic



«I have got a systematic knowledge as expected!»


Ekaterina Barkova,

Rosneft (Moscow), Deputy Department Head



«Very Good, I like this training very much!»


Irik Tugusbaev,

Gazprom CenterRemont, Department Head



«Excellent presentation skills! Deep professional knowledge. Very bright impressions!»


Boris Yusufov,

I-teco, Project Manager



«Excellent course based on Alexanderr Pavlov great personal practical experience»


Ivan Dubrovin,

Tumen Region Administration, IT Department Head



«Busiuness trainer keeps attention perfectly. All the course materials and business cases are very useful!


Evegeny Gurianov,

MegaLabs, Project Manager


«Trainer's active interactions with course participants are excellent!»


                                                                                                                               Olga Poluektova,

                                                                                                                        MARS, Project Manager


«Very emotional, bright and interesting»


                                                                                                                        Alexandra Denekina,

                                                                                                                        MARS, Project Manager




                                                                                                                                   Evegenia Enina,

                                                                                                                        BINBANK, Center Head


«A lot of useful information.  System approach.  Clear course materials delivery»


                                                                                                                                   Yuri Holodov,

                                                                                                             BINBANK, ПProject Manager


«Many thanks for living interactions and bright explanations»


                                                                                                                               Tatyana Adamchuk,

                                                                                                                      BINBANK, Chief Specialist



«A very intensive and useful course with interestiong practical examples»


                                                                                                  Veronika Berstneva,

                                                                                        Fors Company, Chief Analytic



«Very interesting course.  Excellent time management.  A lot of practical recomendations!»


                                                                                                               Elizaveta Baturina,

                                                                                            Fors Company, Project Manager