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Project Management


“Project Management” 

Based on PMI PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition (2017)

Dr. Alexander N. Pavlov, PhD, PMP, CPM


 Master Class Content  


Course duration: 2 days, 16 Contact Hours / PDUs 

Course format: corporate


Master Class based on PMI (Project Management  Institute) PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition recommendations and includes systematic study of project management main principles and concepts.

Course participants will get structured knowledge of PMBOK® Guide terminology and effective processes of project initiating, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling and closing.

Course includes business case exercises and interactive discussions, exchange of professional experience and participant opinions, trainer expert and practical recommendations.      


       Day 1 



    • Survey of Master Class Content, managing participants expectations

    • Project Definition

    • Project Management Standards role

    • PMI® Standards


  2. Introduction into PMI PMBOK® GUIDE 2017

    • Content of a Standard

    • PMBOK® main concepts and principles of project management

    • 5 project management process groups

    • 10 project management knowledge areas


  3. Overview of PMI PMBOK® GUIDE 5th Edition Process Gropus


Initiating Process Group


  • Develop Project Charter

  • Identify Stakeholders


Business Case. Exercise: Develop Project Charter. Practical Work in Teams.


Planning Process Group


  • Develop Project Management Plan

  • Plan Stakeholder Management

  • Plan Project Scope

  • Collect Requirements

  • Define Scope 

  • Create Work Breakdown Structure

  • Business Case. Exercise: Develop Project WBS. Practical Work in Teams. 


  • Develop Schedule Management Plan

  • Define Activities

  • Sequence Activities

  • Estimate Activity Resources

  • Estimate Activity Durations

  • Develop Schedule

  • Business Case. Exercise: Develop Project Schedule. Practical Work in Teams.


              Day 2


  • Plan Cost Management

  • Estimate Costs

  • Determine Budget 

  • Plan Quality Management

  • Plan Human Resource Management

    Business Case. Exercise: Develop Project Organization Chart. Practical Work in Teams.


  • Plan Communications Management
  • Plan Risk Management

  • Identify Risks

  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Plan Risk Responses

  • Business Case. Exercise: Plan Risk Responses. Practical Work in Teams.


  • Plan Procurement Management  


Executing Process Group


  • Direct and Manage Project Work

  • Quality assurance

  • Acquire Project Team

  • Develop Project Team

  • Manage Project Team

  • Manage Communications

  • Conduct Procurements

Manage Stakeholder Engagement


Monitoring & Controlling Process Group


  • Monitor and Control Project Work

  • Perform Integrated Change Control

  • Validate Scope

  • Control Scope

  • Control Schedule

  • Control Costs

Earned Value Management


Business Case. Exercise: Earned Value Management. Practical Work in Teams.


  • Control Quality

  • Control Communications

  • Control Risks

  • Control Procurements

  • Control Stakeholder Engagement


Closing Process Group


  • Close Procurements

  • Close Project or Phase




Awarding participants certificates with 8 contact hours / PDUs for every day of the course.

Getting participants feedback


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