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Program Management



“Program Management”

Based on PMI® Standard for Program Management, 3rd Edition

Dr. Alexander N. Pavlov, PhD, PMP, CPM

 Master Class Content


Course duration: 2 days, 16 Contact Hours / PDUs

Course format: open or corporate

Master Class based on PMI® (Project Management  Institute) Standard for Program Management, 3rd  Edition recommendations and includes systematic study of program management main principles and concepts.

Course participants will get structured knowledge of PMI® Standard for Program Management terminology and effective program management domains and supporting processes.

Course includes business case exercises and interactive discussions, exchange of professional experience and participant opinions, trainer expert and practical recommendations.




What is the difference between the project and the program ??

    • Definition of the program and program management
    • Obtaining of program benefits out of operation activities
    • Project results consolidation into program benefits
    • Business innovations hierarchial structure:  portfolio – program -project
    • Strategic goals decomposition into portfolio, program and project targets
    • Portfolio, program and project results
    • Program Manager role description

How to manage program following PMI Standard ?

Program Management Domains:

    • Program Strategy Alignment
    • Program Benefits Management
    • Program Stakeholders Engagement
    • Program Governance
    • Program Life Cycle Management
    • Supporting Program Management Processes
    • Program Definition Phase Processes

Business Case. Team Work.  Develop Program Charter and Program Road Map

    • Program Benefits Delivery Phase Processes

Business Case. Team Work.  Develop Program Governance Structure.

    • Program Risk management approaches and principles

Business Case. Team Work.  Develop Program Risk Management Actions.

             Program Change Management approaches and principles

Business Case. Team Work.  Develop Program Change Management Actions.

    • Program Closure Phase Processes

Recommendations on practical implementation of program management domains and processes

    • How to start implement program management ?

Principles of results achievement.  Quick wins.  Getting support.  Decrease resistance.


Awarding participants certificates with 8 contact hours / PDUs for every day of the course.

Getting participants feedback 


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"Program Management"

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